Rethink Your

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Rethink Your Workspace was born from our vision of creating a space that facilitates businesses collaborating to ensure more strategic, well-formulated outcomes for clients. It’s a new way of working for professionals who want to do business in a non-traditional environment and are no longer willing to aimlessly follow the herd, but instead want to flip the way we do professional services on its head!

The Rethink Your Workspace support team focus on supporting our businesses in every aspect possible. We will introduce you to other businesses in the space, as well as in our external circles; and take away the challenges of day-to-day issues like answering calls, delivery of supplies, maintaining a professional space, stocking supplies, cleaning, coordinating services and so on so you can get on with building your business and servicing your clients’ needs.

As our clients evolve, so does the space. We have continued to transform our space and our service offering as our diverse range of businesses have filled the building over the past couple of years.


Rethink Your Workspace is over 750 m2 of shared work areas and private offices, venue space, a beautiful appointed board room and a series of uniquely designed and sized meeting pods. We have reliable fast internet, receptionists, an in-house café, break-out zones and allow the flexibility for you to move throughout the space to suit your mood and needs as you conduct your business. It’s all topped off with our office dog, Boo, whose unconditional love and unprovoked greeting to all that come into this space is loved by our regulars and adored by all who work here.

Some days the vibe is quiet and reflective, however most days this space is a buzz of activity with clients streaming in and out, and teams bouncing ideas and challenges off each other in an effort to create great outcomes for their clients. We facilitate lots of opportunities for everyone to connect with like-minded people who are all focused on making a difference to their lives as well as their clients.


We are a shared office space for professionals who are serious about what they do and who are making a difference in their chosen areas of expertise, but who like to do it in a relaxed, friendly and inclusive environment that is unashamedly shaking up the way professionals do business. We are grateful we can provide such a unique space for them to do it in.

Rethink Your Workspace is home to range of professionals including App Builders, Solicitors, Business & Personal Coaches, Financial Planners, Accountants, Medical Services Advisers, Criminal Lawyers, Aged Care specialists and property consultants, to name a few.