Lloyd Davies
Zoom Apps

Zoom Apps has been a tenant at Rethink Your Workspace for over 12 months and we think it is a fantastic place for our business to be located and for us to work. As a small business, we’re able to experience an environment and services that we’d otherwise be unable to afford, including the receptionist, maintained kitchen, top-of-the range photocopier, option to serve coffee on arrival for clients etc.

It’s also nice when clients, both existing and prospective, let us know they are extremely impressed with the office space, meeting rooms and facilities and rooms. It pays for itself with regards to Zoom Apps portraying a professional and progressive image.

Our staff also really love that Rethink Your Workspace is in a vibrant, professional area of Newcastle West, close to shops as well as public transport.

Craig Toyne
Rethink Accounting

There are many benefits to being a tenant of Rethink Your Workspace.

The flexibility to grow our team numbers within the space without having to keep moving to a bigger office is paramount for us. It also provides us with access to resources (including a variety of meeting rooms, technology and coffee shop) that we would not have access to if we had our own premises.

Plus we love that the office is just so cool and funky. The reaction from our clients is that they love it too. It is definitely an environment that helps them feel comfortable and wanting to come back!
The space is perfect for anyone looking to position themselves as a successful, growing business.

Paul Dineen
Veyron Health

We chose to move into Rethink Your Workspace after receiving a glowing recommendation from friends who had recently moved in. The space has been fantastic, it has a great collaborative vibe and the on-site cafe and meeting rooms have been very handy. I’d definitely recommend it to another business looking for a home.

Gareth Williams
Best Case

The timing of our move into Rethink Your Workspace was a combination of luck and opportunity meeting head on! I had a coffee with a very good friend (an existing tenant of Rethink) right at the time that my business was outgrowing my home office.

It has been a really amazing transition for myself and my business. To have office space, an on-site cafe and unique meeting rooms has provided a great experience for my clients. The ability to collaborate with other like-minded people has also been a really great experience.

If you a looking for a modern, forward-thinking space with unique facilities, Rethink Your Workspace is for you!

Regular hirer, Michelle Crawford
Being More Human

We have used the various spaces within Rethink a number of times for different group requirements as well as meetings. The spaces are inspiring, motivating, upbeat and fresh.  Space plays a much more important role in our world and in our productivity than we often think. I would highly recommend you check it out

Regular hirer, Heidi Alexandra
UQ Power

Thank you to Cassandra, Glenys, Nicole and the team for always supporting our planning sessions and mastermind groups at Rethink Your Workspace. From the moment we arrive with a welcome at the front desk, to our room setup, catering and equipment support, the team at Rethink always anticipate our needs. Not only is the space itself modern and funky with great facilities such as white walls allowing for brainstorming sessions, the vibe is lively and energetic which always adds to our functions. Even better there are a range of room size options which allow for more intimate meetings to larger workshop style events. Love your work team Rethink which is why UQ Power will continue to come back again and again.